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Bed guardrail is a guardrail tool installed on the bed, which can ensure that children sleep at ease and will not fall off the bed. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose bed guardrail. How to choose bed guardrail? Next, let's learn with Xiaobian

how to choose bed guardrail

step 1: please first determine the type of your bed

1. It is preferred to determine the type of bed. If it is a flatbed, just like the desktop, you can directly put the bed guardrail on the mattress. However, flatbed includes: simple wood, box bed, etc.

2. Embedded bed has grooves, and the mattress should be embedded into the grooves. Embedded bed also includes: wide bedside, upholstered bedside, etc

step 2: understand the classification and characteristics of bed guardrails in the market

1. If you want to use them conveniently, you can choose the down folding bed guardrail, which can be removed when you don't need to use it. This kind of guardrail is more suitable for flat beds. However, whether it can be completely removed depends on the height of the flat bed. Therefore, when purchasing, you must pay attention to whether the height of the bed guardrail matches the height of your own bed

2. The embedded bed can also remove the bed guardrail, but there is no bedside, so it can't be completely folded down. If the hinge is increased, the effect will be better, but it can't be completely perpendicular to the bedside, because the bedside is clamped between the bed guardrail and the bed, so there will be a certain slope after folding down. The size of the slope depends on the thickness of the bedside. Here's a point to note: the higher the hinge is, the more connecting positions, The bed guardrail will shake, which will affect the stability of the bed guardrail

installation method of bed guardrail

1. First fix it at 90 degrees

2. Insert the positioning hole with the supporting fixing screw

3. Insert the supporting foot into the corresponding fixer respectively, and fix the lock catch

4. Connect the middle two ends with two elbow connecting rods

5. Lock the spring buckle in the bayhole buckle with the elbow connecting in use

6. Cover the elbow connecting rod with Oxford mesh

7 Connect the elbow connecting rod with the retainer

8, fix the spring buckle

9, flatten the Oxford mesh

10, connect the pipe with two straight pipes, fasten the spring buckle

11, use the linked straight pipe connecting rod, pass through the connecting seam under the mesh cloth

12, fix the interface at one end at the positioning joint of the retainer, and fix it

13, press the spring buckle of the connecting rod at the other end, and push the socket back inward

14. Insert the anchor positioning joint and then pull out the locking buckle

15. Pull up and fasten the Oxford mesh magic buckle

16. Put the completed bed guardrail under the mattress and press it tightly

17. Just lift up the fixators on both sides to put down the bed rail

18. Installation is completed

editor's summary: This is how to select the bed guardrail and the installation method of the bed guardrail. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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