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East Lake Chutian mansion is located near the University, with a superior geographical location. Recently, many friends in the community asked what kind of decoration style is hot through platform consultation. Ms. Liu is one of them. As a tall decorative style, European and American style is deeply favored by many people because of its fashion, elegance and noble uniqueness. Ms. Liu of Chutian mansion in East Lake has a new house with 95 square meters, two bedrooms and two halls. Although she likes European style very much, she doesn't know whether it is suitable or not? Don't worry, Xiaobian is here to share with you a set of European and American customs of the same community and house type, and see how the designer gives full play to it

[East Lake Chutian mansion European and American style space exhibition]

living room: in the decoration of this living room, the designer did not decorate the original key object - the ceiling too much. This time, it was simple and comfortable, but did not show the atmosphere at all. He spent more energy on the collocation of furniture settings and colors, as well as the regional division of space

Kitchen: generally, what we see most is independent or fully open kitchen, and semi open kitchen like this is rare. The most important thing about the kitchen is the coexistence of practicality and aesthetics. It is cleverly integrated with the living room, which not only looks clean and tidy, but also highlights its spaciousness




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