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In home decoration, painting is not a small project. The seemingly simple brushing or spraying construction actually needs to pay attention to a wide range of aspects. In particular, paint is often used on a large area of walls. Once the base has not been cleaned, or the paint brushing method is improper, it is easy to cause blistering, peeling, falling off and so on

paint is a common decoration material in decoration. Although the decoration is not complex, in order to ensure the quality of the project, the owner still needs to have some professional knowledge, so that the acceptance can be better. However, many people do not know the acceptance method of paint, so they do not know how to check the quality of paint construction. Then, let's introduce the acceptance specifications for painters

painters' acceptance specifications

1. In clear water paint engineering, clear water paint is mainly used to make varnish on the veneer board with wood grain. There are generally two ways to make clear water paint: spraying and hand brushing. The acceptance of clear water paint is divided into: the color of the putty gray filled in the nail hole must be basically the same as that of the decorative panel, and there is no obvious color difference between the flesh eye at a distance of 1.2m, and the wood grain must be clear; The finish varnish should be felt with the back of your hand without blocking, and should be rich, bright, soft with straight edges and corners; No edge wrapping, sagging or wrinkled skin is allowed in a small area; Consistent color, no brush; Hardware fittings and glass must be clean without paint pollution

2. Oil mixing engineering generally refers to spraying colored paint directly on plywood or other wood and metal. There are two kinds of oil mixing: spraying and hand brushing. The acceptance criteria are: touch the open hand with the back of your hand, and touch it with your palm with a thick feeling, richness, and strong surface adhesion; No transparent, consistent color; Small areas are not allowed to have edge wrapping, sagging, wrinkled skin and other phenomena; The edges and corners are straight, and the surface is smooth and soft; Hardware fittings and glass must be clean

3. Water mixed paint engineering water mixed paint is the color paint with wood grain at the bottom, which is also called wiping paint. Painting is mainly spraying. Acceptance: there is no color difference and the color is consistent by visual inspection at a distance of 1.2m. Touch with the back of your hand without blocking the hand feeling, touch with your palm with a sense of thickness and richness, and the surface adhesion is strong, and the transparent wood grain is symmetrical and consistent; Small areas are not allowed to have edge wrapping, sagging, wrinkled skin and other phenomena; The edges and corners are straight, and the surface is smooth and soft; Hardware fittings and glass must be clean

paint construction process

1. Paint materials must be qualified and high-quality paints must be selected. During construction, the site shall be cleaned first to minimize personnel activities and dust processes

2. Pay attention to the inspection and cleaning of the base course, gently polish the surface burrs with 400 # sandpaper, clean with a clean towel, and check the surface of the panel for dirt and damage before use

3. After the base material is cleaned, apply transparent putty. According to the panel type, you can brush or directly scrape it. Scrape the transparent putty twice, and polish it after 4 hours of drying. The putty should be thin and uniform

4. After the putty is polished, apply transparent primer. The mix ratio of transparent primer and special clear transparent primer with curing agent and diluent is 1:0.3:0.8 ~ 1. The transparent primer shall be brushed or sprayed twice after being filtered with a 200 × filter screen before use. After painting for 4 hours, dry it and polish it with 400 × sandpaper for standby

5. When using the spraying process, the site should be cleaned, and the ground should be sprayed with a small amount of water to prevent dust, and the spraying should be uniform

prevention of paint hazards

for painters, protective measures must be taken first, and work clothes must be worn correctly to reduce direct contact between body and paint; Be sure to wear masks during construction to reduce the inhalation of paint. Painter is a profession with high harm to human body. It is not recommended to engage in paint spraying and other related work for a long time

for ordinary people, we must improve the correct understanding of paint hazards. We can neither take it lightly nor be too afraid. As long as we pay more attention to the protection of paint hazards in daily life, we can get a healthy and beautiful working environment

first, the indoor air should be tested to determine the degree of pollution and the main harmful components, and then according to the situation of harmful gases exceeding the standard, appropriate treatment methods should be selected to remove harmful gases. You may ask, there is no paint smell in my room, and the materials used in the decoration are carefully selected by me. Each index is up to standard, so it should not be harmful; Because of the long-term and hidden characteristics of toxic ingredients, it needs professional cooperation to detect paint hazards. You can choose some professional testing companies to test

editor's summary: that's all for the painters' acceptance specifications. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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