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Honorary coronation | ou Shennuo won two awards for the results of the Sixth China brand influence evaluation

on May 19, 2019, the Sixth China brand influence evaluation results release ceremony was held in Beijing. The event was jointly held by China Enterprise News Group and people's daily and other units. With the theme of "adhering to brand leadership, promoting craftsmanship, and promoting high-quality economic development", it aims to show the excellent achievements of Chinese brand development, and promote a number of high-quality enterprises and entrepreneurs who enhance their independent innovation ability, pursue their excellent quality, improve the quality of products and services, and strive to create a first-class brand image

in this event, Oushennuo ceramics won the two awards of "top ten leading brands in China's brand influence industry in 2019" and "top ten consumer preferred brands in China's brand influence industry in 2019" with its excellent product quality and charming brand strength, adding another honor to the enterprise honor book

the acquisition of these two honors not only shows the recognition of the quality of osheno by authoritative institutions and consumers, but also means the recognition of osheno brand by consumers. Over the past 21 years, osheno has always adhered to its original intention, deeply ploughed into the professional fields of the ceramic industry, and focused on scientific research innovation and product quality improvement. Inherit quality and ingenuity, constantly enrich and deepen brand strength, adhere to differentiated development, and build the brand road of osheno

in 2019, with the upgrading of consumption and the accelerated development of the times, modern young people are more in pursuit of personality and fashion, and the decoration style has gradually evolved into a diversified decoration style with personalized customized decoration style. The choice of home decoration has also derived infinite possibilities in the choice of materials, the choice of functions, and the collocation of soft decoration. So, how should ceramic brands stand out from many ceramic brands

osheno gives an answer: differentiated product system and brand culture are the core competitiveness of a brand. Keeping up with market demand and international fashion trends, continuous innovation and breakthroughs are important factors for osheno products to always be at the forefront of the industry. As a leader in scientific research in the field of building ceramics and a representative brand of high-end ceramic tiles, osheno ceramics has been focusing on product innovation. From the first Yuhua stone that caused a sensation in the industry to breakthrough products such as crystal cube, IC microcrystalline, Royal Stone, etc., in 2017, it launched the Casaro series, which integrates international design and international leading technology, and launched classic products that lead the industry trend almost every year

the new products of oshen nocaco series

products are the best spokesmen for the brand. After 21 years of dedicated creation, Oushennuo has formed more than 800 unique products of full category, full style and full color, and a perfect product system covering all mainstream categories such as polished tiles, glazed tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, etc. More than 500 honors and 200 patents confirm the insistence of osheno ceramics on product quality

over the past 21 years, ou Shennuo has insisted on building a happy home for thousands of families, and has become a symbolic brand of people's good life. In the future, osheno will continue to deepen and enrich the brand strength, enhance the brand influence, and promote the further improvement of osheno brand value





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