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In recent years, the competition in home building materials shopping malls has become more and more intense. How to improve the level of corporate management and sales performance through the refined management of stores has become the main consideration of door and window agencies at that time

improve the essence of dealers through training

at that time, the structural changes of professional terminal shopping malls for doors and windows were becoming increasingly significant. Whether medium and high-end brands or medium and low-end brands, they all had their own customer channels, but how to obtain competitive advantages in their own customer channels was an urgent implementation trick for many sales teams

a person in charge of the Department of door and window brand shopping malls shows that excellent clerks should not only have a positive attitude of striving for progress, solid commodity knowledge, excellent learning ability and sensitive communication skills, but also have the ability of planning and affairs consulting. The improvement of these abilities depends on not only professional training, but also long-term learning and deposition

therefore, door and window agents can improve the overall nature of dealers and the operation level of shopping malls through various professional training, such as shopping guide training, community promotion training, alliance training, commodity knowledge training and so on. At the same time, the door and window agency company should also establish the service manual of the terminal, including store introduction, placement of terminal goods, planning of terminal activities, maintenance of goods and after-sales service, etc. through systematic construction, all dealers can systematically fight in the environment of mall competition, so as to expand the results

a combination of short-term training and long-term policy

in the view of this person in charge, the sales team has always grown together with the door and window agent company. The training process is not only the growth process of the sales team, but also the process of the door and window brand becoming increasingly well-known and the terminal influence expanding. After the training of the sales team, the door and window agent company transmits the commodity details, quotation strategy, promotion support and other information to the mall terminal, Get the mall response from different regions through the sales team

however, business training is always a long-term process. In the process, with the improvement of the essence and performance of the sales team and the improvement of brand influence, the door and window agency company is constantly training the staff together to improve their talents, so as to achieve strong competitiveness in the terminal. We cannot train for the sake of training, nor can we train simply for the improvement of performance. We must combine short-term performance with long-term policy, and formulate training methods suitable for our own development





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