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What are the advantages of truth-seeking children's paint

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in the building materials market, children's paint has always been the highlight of many businesses and brand publicity, but many consumers do not know it. For a long time, China has not issued relevant production standards for children's paint, and merchants implement the standard of ordinary paint, which misleads consumers' purchase. In response to this problem, after demonstration, industry organizations, experts and practitioners are preparing two standards for children's paint, which will be implemented this year

Xiaobian found that many brands of children's paint in the market are dominated by safety and environmental protection brands, such as "zero formaldehyde", "no addition", "super environmental protection" and other words are often used by businesses for product publicity. However, for most consumers, they do not know which standards to choose products according to, because for a long time, there has been no standard for the production of children's paint in China

however, this situation is about to improve. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration approved 163 national standards such as "Fundamentals and terminology of quality management system" on December 30, 2016 and published them. Among them, the national standard of water-based Wood Coatings for children's room decoration clearly will be implemented on July 1 this year. In addition, the standard of interior wall coating for children's room decoration, which mainly regulates children's wall coating, is also being formulated

everyone must know that furniture paint and wall paint are the two major sources of pollution in home decoration. The introduction of the above two new national standards will regulate the production of children's paint and solve the problem that consumers have no basis to rely on when purchasing

children are the hope of a family, and they are particularly important in the family. Therefore, in the family decoration, the decoration paint of children's room is particularly important. The following explains from the aspects of environmental protection, scrub resistance and so on. Children's paint is stricter than the standard of ordinary paint, mainly including the following aspects:


more strictly standardizes the limit value of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and VOC. Compared with the standard of "limit of harmful substances in interior wall coatings of interior decoration materials" (GB18582-2008), the children's paint standard strictly limits the limit value of VOC, free formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and other harmful substances. For example, the formaldehyde content of interior paint is required to be 100 mg/kg, and the limit requirement of children's paint is 5 mg/kg; The VOC content of indoor paint is 120 g/L, and the limit of children's paint is 10 g/L. Compared with the two, children's paint is obviously much stricter in environmental protection indicators


compared with the standard of ordinary paint, the standard of children's paint adds the detection of antimony, arsenic, barium, selenium and other heavy metals. Because children are more sensitive and their ways of contacting the paint (such as sucking and chewing) are different from adults, the transportable heavy metal elements in the paint may enter children's bodies through their mouth or skin, thereby endangering their health. In order to better ensure the safety of children's paint, reference was made to the limit range of soluble heavy metals in other national standards when formulating relevant standards. In addition to the limit of cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, etc., the limit of heavy metals such as antimony, arsenic, barium, selenium, etc. was also added, and the test method of limit of harmful substances in paint for toys (gb24613-2009) was directly quoted


the standard for children's paint strictly controls the content of carcinogen asbestos, which is not regulated in the standard for ordinary paint. According to the reporter, asbestos is recognized as a carcinogen in the world and has been banned in shipbuilding, cosmetics, minerals and other industries. In the requirements of AQSIQ for product quality and safety risk monitoring in 2016, it has repeatedly emphasized the need to strengthen the risk control of asbestos. In order to ensure the safety of children's household products, the limit of asbestos content has been added to the children's paint standard


higher requirements for scrub resistance and dirt resistance. Children have the nature of being active and loving graffiti, so compared with ordinary paint standards, children's paint standards have higher requirements for stain resistance. For example, the contrast ratio of synthetic resin lotion interior wall paint (gb/t9756-2009) is divided into three grades: qualified product, first-class product and excellent product. The contrast ratio required by the children's paint standard must reach the level of excellent product. In addition, children's paint is required to be washed more than 2000 times to meet the needs of children's room

according to the editor, in the process of formulating the standard of water-based Wood Coatings for children's room decoration, in order to make the standard limit in line with international standards, the formulation agency referred to the relevant international standards (ISO), European standards (EN), European Union technical regulations, and American Society for testing and materials standards (ASTM), filling the gap that the quality of water-based Wood Coatings for children's room decoration cannot be evaluated in China

children's paint has been favored by consumers, especially parents, and many brands have launched their own children's paint series. However, the huge market demand not only brings opportunities to enterprises, but also challenges. In the absence of production standards to follow, most enterprises produce children's paint according to the standard of ordinary paint, and publicize that this kind of children's paint is better than ordinary paint in environmental protection, which misleads consumers. In fact, doing so not only violates consumers' right to know, but also damages brand image and honest management. It can be said that children's paint has been controversial in the industry, and its growth environment is full of concept hype. Industry experts said that with the implementation of the children's paint standard, this market disorder is expected to be eradicated

then, before the implementation of the children's paint standard, how should consumers choose relevant products? "In the past, most enterprises marked the standard of ordinary paint on children's paint packaging, but this standard is not open and transparent, and consumers can't know it, so they can only look at advertisements or brands when buying." An expert said that the launch of the new standard will help regulate the paint market, improve the confusion of standards and promote the improvement of product quality

at the same time, children's paint standards also play a great role in promoting the healthy development of the coating industry. After the introduction of children's paint standards, not only manufacturers can follow, but also inspection institutions and consumers can consult, and can effectively curb illegal enterprises from producing fake and shoddy products





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