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Due to the increase of decoration costs at the end of the year, such as the extension of construction period and the rise of prices, recently, the reporter learned in a visit that most decoration companies told consumers that due to the impact of distribution and raw material supply, the construction period will be extended, and the decoration costs will also be increased in the near future. Some heads of customized household brands also revealed that the production, installation and distribution cycle of customized products will be appropriately extended due to the influence of the upstream supply chain. In the face of price increases and construction delays, how should consumers respond

it is inevitable that the decoration price will rise

recently, a consumer who plans to decorate told reporters that several decoration companies that have visited the house told him to start construction as soon as possible. On the one hand, because the recent construction period delivery is longer than usual, it is necessary to sign and start construction as soon as possible to complete the project before the Spring Festival. On the other hand, the decoration price around New Year's day may also rise

a person in charge of a small decoration company revealed that recently, the production and price of decoration auxiliary materials such as cement, putty powder and gypsum board have been reduced, and the construction period of large home decoration companies with sufficient inventory has also been extended by about 10-20 days compared with the usual period. However, the stocking capacity of small companies is limited, and auxiliary materials are out of stock to varying degrees, which may lead to the extension of the construction period by as much as one month. If you don't hurry to check in, it will be easier to wait until the end of the heating season next March

at the same time, the heads of some home decoration enterprises also told reporters that the recent delivery of construction sites will be delayed to varying degrees compared with normal times. At present, the person in charge of decoration said, "because the company has its own warehouse for goods, the impact is relatively small, but the decoration period also ranges from 45 days to 2 months, and now it is extended to about 3 months"

Gao Song, marketing director of Qingzhou Xingfu Yijia, pointed out that although the self owned material base company is not affected by the insufficient supply of auxiliary materials, the customized wood products and ceramic tile cutting are limited by the output, which has a great impact on the construction period, resulting in an extension of the overall decoration period of about 20 days

Wei guiyong, general manager of Jingxing decoration company, said that tight supply will also drive the decoration price up. At present, the increase of raw materials is about 20% - 30%, compared with no obvious change in labor costs

Liu Lin, general manager of Jin Sanyou, told reporters that the limited production of cement and putty powder manufacturers is bound to affect the decoration period and price changes. The gypsum board has recently increased by 30% to 40%. In addition, the production of its own wooden door factory also needs to be halved, but the wages of workers and factory rents remain the same, and the invisible cost will become high after the output is reduced

the relevant person in charge of Tiansheng decoration also said that due to various factors, the decoration quotation has increased by 10% after the National Day holiday, and the corresponding construction period will be delayed by about one month

extension of the construction period of customized furniture

Tang Jinbin, general manager of ruibowen Rongfa decoration Beijing company, said that the extension of the construction period of customized and installation main material furniture was the most obvious. "Due to various factors, our overall decoration period has been extended from the original 40 working days to 50 working days, and then there may be a price rise in home decoration costs."

Zhou Kaijun, general manager of Feimei furniture, said that its customized furniture is a full house solution with a delivery period of 15 days, but recently affected by the upstream supply chain, it has also been extended to about 40 days. The reporter learned that the delivery period of other customized brands in the market was extended to 50 days or even two months

zhaodongliang, brand publicity manager of top 100 furniture, told reporters that the finished furniture has a short construction period and is slightly affected; The purchased parts of customized furniture are greatly affected, resulting in the extension of the delivery time. From the date of placing an order by the consumer to the time of delivery home, it has been extended from the original 40-50 days to about two months now

Li Yitong, the promotion manager of Beijing Shangpin home furnishings, said that because the origin is in Guangzhou, it has not been affected at present, and the delivery time of customized furniture in the whole house is still 28-35 days. She also pointed out that consumers who confirmed the plan before New Year's day should have no problem installing it before the lunar new year

the reporter visited the market and found that compared with customized main material furniture, some building materials brands produced in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, such as ceramics in Foshan, lamps and lanterns in Zhongshan, wood flooring in Nanxun and Jiaxing, benefited from the industrial agglomeration effect. This time, they were less affected by upstream production restrictions and tight supply, and there were relatively few problems of extending the delivery date

in the North Fourth Ring store of incredibly home, the salespersons of Dongpeng ceramics, gold medal cabinets and holy elephant flooring told reporters respectively that once consumers confirm with the manufacturer that there are goods when placing an order, the possibility of late delivery delay is very small, and the latest delivery date has not changed much compared with the previous one

decoration tips

1 Grasp the decoration time

for consumers with rigid demand, it is recommended to sign a decoration company to arrange the commencement as soon as possible. It is conservatively estimated that even if the construction period is extended to 3 months, it can still be completed before the workers return home and the factory is shut down before the lunar new year. If consumers are not in a hurry to check in, they can also wait until the end of the heating season in March next year before decoration. The delay in construction period will be better than now, but they may face the pressure of decoration price rise

2. Pay a deposit to deal with the price rise

consumers with decoration plans can lock the prices of decoration companies and main materials furniture in advance by paying a deposit. In previous years, merchants often choose to adjust prices around New Year's day. Consumers can pay a deposit ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan first. Pay attention to communicating with merchants and try not to pay the full amount first. Merchants in regular home stores generally indicate that "the deposit is refundable, and the lowest discount is the lowest discount" to ensure that consumers buy at the lowest promotional price when placing an order

3. Pay attention to brand selection

try to choose powerful big brands, and site delivery and receipt will be more guaranteed. Before placing an order, remember to communicate with the salesperson about the delivery date, and indicate on the contract how many days of delay and how to deal with it. In this way, in case of disputes in the later stage, it is more convenient to urge the merchants to perform

4. Communicate the construction period at any time

before placing an order for wood doors, cabinets, customized furniture and other main materials, consumers will have designers come to the door to measure and confirm the plan before entering the production cycle. It is suggested that consumers can regularly communicate with the sales person in charge about the progress. Once there is a delay, arrange the delivery and installation of other processes in advance, so as not to wait for the delivery time, which will also affect the construction and installation of other processes





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