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Beware of six problems in the decoration of second-hand houses

as the new year approaches, some owners who have bought second-hand houses are eager to decorate and hope to celebrate the new year in their new homes. Many friends think that the decoration of second-hand houses is very simple, and they often use DIY, or find a few "road guerrillas" on the roadside. It is understood that there are many structures of the old house that are very different from the new house. If the structure is relatively old, if you don't know enough about the house and rush to decorate and move in, you will find a variety of problems, such as water leakage or wall cracking. The reporter specially interviewed some professional designers and construction personnel and learned some problems that need special attention when decorating second-hand houses

problem 1: random demolition and modification of the structure leads to wall collapse

the previous house type structure is often not very good, so some friends have been planning to modify the structure of the house when buying second-hand houses, where to add a porch, where to open a wall, and so on. Because the multi-storey residential buildings in the city are mostly brick concrete structures, the walls are first load-bearing seismic components, followed by enclosure and separation components. If the bearing wall is broken in order to expand the space, the bearing and seismic capacity of the wall components will be weakened, leaving serious hidden dangers. Therefore, random demolition and modification of the structure may bring all kinds of troubles, such as wall cracks, collapses, as well as circuit problems

Mr. Liu, who has many years of experience in decoration, reminded everyone that when buying second-hand houses, it is best to ask for the original house type drawing and decoration drawing, clearly understand what is the load-bearing wall, where there is wiring, etc., and on this basis, dismantle and modify according to your own preferences. If there are no drawings and the previous structure is not very clear, it is suggested that you had better not dismantle and change it, but change the style of the house through some decorative changes, which will be much safer

problem 2: water leakage in the bathroom has caused complaints from neighbors

don't think that the second-hand house has been lived by the owner in front of it, and there will be no problems in waterproof. In fact, people often complain about water leakage by the owner at the lower level after moving into the second-hand house. Because the house is too old or the original waterproof is not well done, many second-hand houses have water leakage in the bathroom space

it is suggested that before moving into a second-hand house, it is best to do a closed water test in the bathroom space to check the previous waterproof treatment. It's best to say hello to the downstairs neighbors before the test. In case of water leakage, you can also get the understanding and cooperation of the neighbors. If there is a problem, be sure to re waterproof, and then start tiling

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problem 3: the water circuit gas pipeline is seriously aging

because the previous materials are not as advanced as now, and coupled with the age is relatively long, many second-hand houses have the problem of water circuit aging. If you didn't check carefully in advance, you probably didn't live for long, the light didn't light up, and the water pipe burst again

Mr. Liu believes that water and circuit reconstruction is one of the most complex projects of old house reconstruction. Before decoration, the original water and gas pipelines should be carefully checked for corrosion and aging, and the water pipes should be replaced with copper pipes or PPR pipes. It is best to invite professionals to inspect gas pipelines, which are dangerous

question 4: the newly painted walls frequently fall off paint

many friends who have decorated second-hand houses reflect why they choose famous brand paint, and the newly painted walls still fall off paint frequently

the reporter consulted relevant professionals on this question, and the answer was that before painting the wall, it was inappropriate to paint the wall directly. Generally, some mottled old paint surfaces should be removed, and then the new interface should be painted, including the waterproof bottom. It is better to invite professional construction personnel, so as to better ensure the future use effect. Some young people who like changes might as well try wallpaper. The price is not too high, and it is more convenient

problem 5: too few sockets are inconvenient to use

some friends moved into second-hand houses after simple decoration, but then they will find that many electrical appliances can't find sockets, and only buy some movable sockets, but too many lines are tangled together, which makes people look upset

in modern life, there are more and more household appliances, and the demand for sockets is also increasing. The design of sockets in old houses is often difficult to meet the current use requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to reserve more sockets during decoration to facilitate future use

question 6: the lampblack from the balcony to the kitchen is annoying

in order to expand the use area, some owners will close the balcony to the north, change it into a kitchen, and then turn the original kitchen into a storage room or other purposes. But once you really live in, you will find that as long as you start cooking, the whole home smells of lampblack

in fact, this practice is not worth the loss. On the one hand, the originally designed ventilation lines will be blocked, and the indoor air will not circulate. On the other hand, the cooking fume in the kitchen will become the source of indoor air pollution. Therefore, we must carefully consider when decorating second-hand houses





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