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There is a great difference between the quality and price of wood. It is best to choose materials with hard texture and not easy to decay

the white paper on the consumption of laminate flooring in China jointly issued by the flooring professional committee of China Forestry Industry Association and the consumption Steering Committee of China Consumer Association pointed out that to be durable, laminate flooring needs to have 17 physical and chemical performance indicators, such as surface wear resistance, density, static bending strength, moisture content and so on. It is difficult for consumers to understand each index clearly when purchasing flooring. After consulting with the icon flooring experts, consumers can easily buy and use good flooring with less detours as long as they focus on the following three standards

surface wear resistance: the higher the wear resistance grade, the less likely the floor is to scratch the surface, and the longer the service life. The surface of the laminate floor is a layer of aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer. Once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired, and the floor will be scrapped. The quality of the wear-resistant layer is not measured by thickness, but by the content and purity of aluminum oxide per square meter. According to the national standard, the wear-resistant grade of floor for household use must reach AC3 (greater than or equal to 6000 revolutions), and that of floor for public places must reach Ac4 (greater than or equal to 9000 revolutions). Therefore, when purchasing laminate flooring, don't ignore the wear-resistant grade of the floor surface because of the price factor

formaldehyde emission limit: the national standard 18580-2001 stipulates that the formaldehyde emission limit of laminate flooring must reach grade E1, that is, the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 1.5mg/l (dryer method). This is the most basic requirement. Products meeting this standard can be safely used in indoor environment. At present, the higher environmental protection implementation standard E0 is adopted internationally, that is, the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 0.5mg/l. At present, healthy flooring has become the mainstream of consumption. The holy elephant built a production line of healthy substrate in 2004. The average formaldehyde emission limit of the floor substrate produced is less than or equal to 0.5mg/l, and the floor is healthy from the inside to the surface

installation standard: three parts of the floor and seven parts of the installation. In the past, there were no clear regulations on floor installation. This year will be the standard year for the wood floor paving market. The national standard "Specification for wood floor paving" gb/t20238-2006 and the Ministry of construction "technical specification for wood floor paving" (cecs191:2005) have been launched at the same time, which will make the wood floor paving have rules to follow. The first batch of icon floor installation technicians have passed the training and examination of the Ministry of construction, China forest products industry association and China Engineering Construction Standardization Committee, and will work with certificates in succession




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