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The Audit Office announced on June 19 the implementation of policies and measures related to ecological environmental protection and the use of funds in 11 provinces and cities of the Yangtze River Economic Belt (December 2017 to March 2018). As of the end of 2017, 24100 small hydropower stations had been built in 10 provinces, with a minimum spacing of only 100 meters. Some places did not pay enough attention to ecology, It has a certain negative impact on the ecological environment

just half a month ago, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of water resources, the national energy administration and the Ministry of ecological environment issued a document requesting to thoroughly check the impact of the disorderly development of small hydropower in the Yangtze River Economic Belt on the ecological environment, and to carry out an investigation on the small hydropower in the Yangtze River economic belt. At present, the measurement and control system of most pull machines in the market adopts 8-bit single chip microcomputer control, and seriously deal with the serious ecological environment problems found. In particular, the notice on special rectification and rectification of environmental impact assessment management of disorderly development of small hydropower in the Yangtze River Economic Belt issued by the Ministry of ecology and environment clearly states that from May 23 to the end of December, 11 provinces (cities) in the Yangtze River Economic Belt will suspend acceptance of environmental assessment documents for new and expanded small hydropower projects in principle

repeated form filling and investigation at the grassroots level

in the interview, it was learned that after the provincial water conservancy departments received the documents, "arrangements and arrangements have been made quickly, but the task is too tight and the supervision functions of small hydropower stations in our province are overlapping, so the investigation and investigation are difficult, and we are under great pressure. In particular, the requirements of the Ministry of ecological environment are very clear, and the investigation information will be submitted to the Ministry of ecological environment before June 20, and the proposal for classification and rectification will be formed and submitted before June 30." A director of the water and electricity bureau of the water resources department of the southwest region told this newspaper frankly

the relevant person in charge of the hydropower resettlement Department of the Ministry of water resources told this newspaper: "in order to thoroughly find out the background of small hydropower in the Yangtze River economic belt and formulate practical and feasible remediation measures, we have sent 10 inspection teams to investigate locally, and the verification work in many provinces is still in progress."

it is found that the recent questionnaire on the ecological and environmental protection of rural hydropower stations in Document No. 73 of the Ministry of water resources, the three forms of small hydropower screening in the Yangtze River Economic Zone in Document No. 606 of the national development and Reform Commission, and the three forms of special cleaning-up of environmental impact assessment management of disorderly development of small hydropower in the Yangtze River Economic Zone in Document No. 325 of the Ministry of ecological environment are similar in terms of the content of the investigation on the materials of ultra-thin 3104 alloy tanks with a thickness of 0.245mm adopted by their Indonesian plants, Only the form is different

multiple forms of several departments and repeated troubleshooting make grass-roots personnel tired of coping

"three documents and three forms. Why not negotiate to adopt a unified form? Each hydropower station should fill in a large amount of content. Comrades in the grass-roots water conservancy bureau should work overtime every day to fill in the form." A person from a local grass-roots water conservancy bureau who did not want to be named told

unclear attribution of disorderly development

in the interview, the owners of small hydropower stations agreed that the disorderly development of small hydropower stations fed back by the central environmental protection supervision group and the audit office should not be attributed to the owners. The small hydropower stations with "four no power stations" (no project approval, no design, no acceptance, no management) have been dealt with for a long time. They comply with the planning, pass the preliminary design review, and should be legal after being approved by the local development and Reform Commission

"what is the disorderly development of small hydropower? The water conservancy, development and reform departments represent the government, and what is approved by the government can be called disorderly? The preparation and approval of the plan is the government, and the owner should not be held responsible for the unreasonable hydropower planning." A small hydropower owner who declined to be named said

an industry expert said in an interview that the ecological damage caused by small hydropower should be viewed in two ways. In the 1990s, China set off an upsurge of small hydropower station construction. The starting point of small hydropower station construction is to consider economic benefits. "In order to encourage the development of small hydropower, local policies are very loose, and some even only need to be approved by county-level government departments."

when answering questions about the audit results of ecological environment protection in the Yangtze River economic belt, the head of resources and environment audit of the National Audit Office said: "The audit found that the disorderly development of small hydropower in some areas is too intense, too much consideration is given to economic interests and insufficient attention is paid to ecological protection, which has had a certain negative impact on the ecological environment. The main reasons are: the construction density is too high, some construction is started without environmental impact assessment, some construction is carried out in the designated nature reserve, some ecological flow is not effectively guaranteed, the phenomenon of water reduction and drainage is intensified, and even the river is cut off 。”

the owners of small hydropower stations generally believe that the inadequate ecological facilities of hydropower stations in the early stage are mostly design problems and should not simply blame the owners. The environmental impact caused by planning and design shall be jointly and scientifically solved. "Unless the government first admits its mistake and then makes reasonable compensation, if the yield strength is the main basis for the design of machine parts or components bearing static load, it is also a lack of government supervision."

According to the latest data released by the audit office, by the end of 2017, 86% of the 6661 small hydropower stations with ecological discharge facilities in 7 provinces in the Yangtze River economic belt had not achieved ecological flow monitoring

at present, all provinces are actively exploring the ecological flow of small hydropower stations. For example, Hubei Provincial Department of water resources first promoted remote monitoring of ecological flow in Shennongjia National Park. "The remote monitoring equipment for ecological flow of 20 small hydropower stations in Shennongjia National Park has been commissioned, and the bidding for remote monitoring of 60 small hydropower stations in Xingshan County in the Xiangxi River Basin has also been completed. Monitoring can enable managers to visually and quickly check the flow of small hydropower stations, but all promotion is also facing financial pressure. For example, nine years ago, the Fujian provincial Party committee deployed a remote monitoring system for small hydropower stations, and so far only 130 projects have been completed Seat. " Daizhuxin, director of the Agricultural Power Department of the Hubei Provincial Water Resources Department, said in an interview

"although some innovations and explorations have been made in the installation of the monitoring device for the minimum discharge flow of hydropower stations, and some results have been achieved, many difficulties are also faced." Li Yun, deputy director of Fujian Provincial Department of water resources, suggested that the Ministry of water resources continue to implement efficiency expansion and transformation, and the central fund will replace subsidies with awards, focusing on increasing ecological benefits, and more funds will be invested to implement the transformation of ecological flow and to reward the withdrawal of old hydropower stations

small hydropower owners believe that ecological flow is only a part of green hydropower construction and should not be enlarged. At present, the Units discharging ecological flow are not really ecological units, but only the change of operation mode and the improvement of utilization hours, which have played the role of ecological flow discharge

in order to effectively implement the ecological renovation of small hydropower, insiders suggest to promote the incorporation of ecological hydropower into the law, establish the basic status of maintaining river ecology in the form of law, and strengthen law enforcement through judicial procedures and judicial interpretation, so as to make the discharge, green construction and green operation of hydropower into the initiative of power station owners and standardize the operation management of rural hydropower construction

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