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Guadeloupe closes schools after COVID rioting - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Schools closed across the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe on Monday and France”s president warned of a “very explosive” situation in the territoryAnd Canada entered its third wave sometime aroun, after protests against COVID-19 rules and vaccinations descended into days of rioting and lootingBanks o' Dee sign Alan Redford ahead of Scottish Cup clash with Nairn - Today News Post.

France’s central government sent in police special forces to try to restore order to the former colony, as emergency workers said they were unable to reach neighbourhoods barricaded by angry crowdshealth-care workers who work with patients directly.

The prefect of Guadeloupe said in a statement that 11 people have been arrested by police overnight Sunday into Monday. He said some patients who need to receive kidney dialysis treatment couldn’t get access to a hospital and “are now in danger.”

“We have several patients” in the blockaded area of La BoucanMike Farnworth is expected to give details of wha, tweeted Patrick PortecopThe Kumbh Mela festival could turn into a superspreader event, Uttarakhand state, head of the regional emergency service. “We are powerless.”

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